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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 5/Day 3- What’s the Matter (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 in SAVY.

Dear parents:

Today was a wonderful third day in our What’s the Matter course! We were very busy again today with lots of hands-on investigations. We began our day reading from, 14 Experiments That Failed. We then did a brainstorming activity to get our brains ready! Students had to think of at least 10 things they could do with a pencilbesides writing or drawing with it. The ideas began with run of the mill answers, but all of a sudden, one of the students said pencils could be used as a tool, and then the depth and breadth of the ideas fanned out as I hoped they would! When we finished we had 20 excellently creative ideas. Next, we started our matter concept map with information we learned yesterday, and we also added to our “scientist” Frayer map by naming people/jobs that are nonexamples of a scientist and as well as creating a long list of examples of scientists such as meteorologist, physicist, marine biologist, etc. (at first, students were surprised that these were scientists, but then the light bulb clicked!).

Students then got their science notebooks and lab coats and we proceeded to two experiments that we wrote in the scientific method of recording: Question, Hypothesis, Materials, Steps, Observation, Conclusions. Both of these experiments were designed to guide students in knowing that air, a gas, takes up space even when we can’t see it; however, in the water/glass submersion, students were able to see evidence of air when they saw bubbles escaping. Be sure and ask your scientist about the water experiment as well as the empty plastic bottle and the balloon!

After that, students learned about molecules and how they act in the three states of matter. Students acted out molecules in solids (smashed together so they can’t really move), loose but close as liquids, and all over as gas molecules. It was fun for students to quickly make the molecule structure as a group as I called them out.

Our final experiment was Mystery Goop! Students each made a mixture of cornstarch and water and were overjoyed at how the substance acted as a liquid and a solid! They each got to bring their Goop home. I’m sure you will be told all about it! Tomorrow is another day of exploring how matter changes, physical changes and chemical changes and more! Students will be designing their own experiments to share with you on Friday. If you get a chance tonight, please help your child brainstorm a question they could explore concerning matter. It can be a question regarding mixing substances, making physical changes, etc. The ingredients we have available for experiments are: baking soda, vinegar, koolaid powder, oil, food coloring, aluminum foil, water, soda, and salt. We will be guiding students tomorrow, but talking with you the night before the brainstorming could really help. Thank you!!

Friday is the parent Open House in our classroom, Murray 1, between 9:15-9:45. See you soon!

Mrs. Tyson

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