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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 5/Day 3- The Math in Music (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 in SAVY.

Our third day was very busy! We spent the morning reviewing key concepts that we have learned throughout the week. The class practiced performing, identifying, and creating rhythmic patterns, as well as calculating the number of sounds in different patterns. Our curiosity about rhythm notes led us to discover a NEW note – the triplet! One student recognized the symbol and shared that their piano teacher uses the word “pineapple” to say the rhythm.

Once we felt comfortable with our rhythm patterns, we began to discuss even and odd numbers! Some students worked with Ms. Madeline, our TA, to learn about even and odd numbers for the first time. Other students who were familiar with them worked with me to build long numbers and classify them as even or odd. We had a lot of fun and worked our way up to the 1000s!

After some more review with even and odd numbers, we began to apply the concept to rhythm notes. We started composing 4-beat rhythm lines by selecting whether we wanted to use an even or odd number for a beat and then notating a matching rhythm symbol. Tomorrow, we are going to practice this some more to get used to thinking about ways to use even and odd patterns in a composition. We are also going to work with algorithms to see how we can create rhythm patterns using arithmetic.

Ms. Jessica Lawson

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