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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 4/Day 3- Measuring Matters (Rising 2nd/3rd)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 in SAVY.

Today we started by finishing up the drawing and cutting portions of our Yetis. We will finish putting them together tomorrow and will hopefully have time to decorate them! We also discussed perimeter and how shapes with the same perimeter can have different dimensions. We framed this around the idea of a pen for the Yeti’s pet. We took a pen size of 8′ x 20′ and discussed how other dimensions could also have a perimeter of 56′. For instance, 10′ x 18′. I then gave the kids a piece of grid paper, and asked them to draw a pen for the Yeti that would have a perimeter of 70 ft. They had to determine the dimensions on their own. Most of the group landed on a 20′ x 15′ pen, but we had some other sized pens in there too. Tomorrow, we are diving into area – how do area and perimeter relate to each other, how do we calculate area for squares and rectangles, will two shapes with the same perimeter have the same area, and how can we determine the area of odd shaped rooms? The kids will put this math knowledge to use as they make their “Yeti Dream Caves”. These are blue prints showing different “rooms” in the Yeti’s caves. The area of each room will be calculated as well as the area of the entire cave.

Ms. Catherine Shull

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