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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 4/Day 3- Dive into Design (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Wednesday, July 12, 2017 in SAVY.

Dear Parents,

Today was a fabulous third day for our Dive into Design class! We began our day comparing and ordering our traced feet. The students did well deciding how to order and compare their feet. I was very impressed that when I asked them how to position the feet in order to make the comparisons and ordering accurate, several students said that they should use the wooden sideboard because it was like a ruler. After students finished, we all stood back and looked and the students thought they did a great job.

Next, I read a book called, Millions to Measure, and we discussed standard and non-standard tools of measurement as the book presented a timeline of how people through the ages measured distance, size, weight and volume. Students really enjoyed learning about the way things were measured in the olden days, such as when kings declared that the rule of measurement would be made in their personal foot size. We also discussed metric measurement and I asked students to look for metric units of measure at home or when they are at the grocery store.

Our next activity was discovering how to partition a whole into equal parts. Each student took 12 unifix cubes and they explored how many different ways they could separate their 12 cubes into equal parts. We even got into an introductory discussion about fractional parts and multiplication! Students really liked using the unifix cubes to explore equal groupings. Next, students worked on their swimming pool models. We did a lot of measuring and problem solving! I was very proud of our young architects’ perseverance. More measuring and learning tomorrow, including perimeter!

Ms. Karen Tyson

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