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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 4/Day 1- Measuring Matters (Rising 2nd/3rd)

Posted by on Monday, July 10, 2017 in SAVY.

We got off to a great start today in our Measurement Matters class. We began by having the kids create a concept map about themselves. This had the dual purpose of getting them comfortable with concept maps and allowing them to tell all of us a little about themselves. We then completed our “Pre-Test” concept map on measurement. I was really impressed by what many of the kids wrote on these maps! They seem to have a good grasp of different units of length measurement (in, ft, yd, etc), so now my job is to get them thinking about relative and spatial measurement. Before we went any further, I wanted to make sure all of the kids could measure properly with a ruler and a measuring tape, so following our Pre-Test, we went outside on the lawn to measure different items. Most groups found 3 different items, and then measured each item two different ways. If it was out there, they measured its length – leaves, grates, bricks, benches, even the circumference of a tree! When we came back inside, we had just enough time to preview the Yeti project. We read about the Yeti and brainstormed about why no one has truly ever proved his existence, and what it might be that people are seeing up there in the Himalayas. One of my favorite answers was a “giant monkey”! Tomorrow will be a challenge as they work to create a Yeti based off of their own body measurements. We wrapped up the morning with a reflection question which each child answered on a Post-It. We talked about how it would be possible to measure things that aren’t tangible – namely emotions. How could you measure how sad or scared you are? How could you measure your level of frustration when your sibling annoys how? How could you measure your feelings about one of your friends? My question to them was to think about a recent time when they were REALLY happy. Then, on the Post-It, come up with a way to measure that level of happiness. Many of the kids came up with a rating scale, which was great! I few others did more of a picture scale – think sad face, happy face. One child even rated his recent vacation as 9 million on a scale from 1 to 10. That must have been some awesome vacation! We look forward to seeing them tomorrow, ready to dig in with their Yeti!

Ms. Catherine Shull

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