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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 2/Day 1- Data Discoverers (Rising 2nd/3rd)

Posted by on Monday, June 19, 2017 in SAVY.

Good afternoon!  We had a great start to our week, getting to know each other through some team-building activities.  It was exciting to see the level of enthusiasm and cooperation the students displayed today!
We began our exploration into the research process through the context of a “Consumer Reports for Kids/Zillions” study.  Your young mathematical researchers discussed the importance of a focused research question as the first step in the research process.  In our test case, the question centered on finding the the best backpack for kids to prevent back aches.  Students analyzed a features chart giving information about 7 different backpacks that were tested.  In groups, they discussed the effectiveness of the features chart for communicating the information, making their own hypothesis about the best choice before examining the ratings given by the Zillions research team.  Some students thought that the table format was best, while others thought a bar graph might be more efficient.  We will continue to explore how the representation of data can affect the interpretation.
As we progress through the week, we will examine, create, and analyze various types of charts and graphs, learn to develop a research question, design and conduct a survey, and choose appropriate representations to display the data we collect.  I am excited to see how students will build on their understanding of the many ways that research and data analysis is used on a daily basis.  Tomorrow, we will explore the mathematical concept of rate and use that in some simple experiments to collect numerical data.  We will use that data to explore line plots.  Throughout the week, we will revisit the steps of the research process as we use each one.
As you talk with your child this evening, consider asking them to brainstorm other types of research.  What information can be gathered in the newspaper, or from radio or TV?  Some examples might be sports statistics in the newspapers, reports of high and low temperatures on any given day for a period of time, or hotel/restaurant ratings based on customer reviews.
I’m looking forward to seeing your researcher tomorrow.  Have a wonderful evening!
Mrs. Wendy Buchanan

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