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Summer SAVY 2017, Session 1/Day 4- Mirror of Mythology (Rising 2nd/3rd, Mrs. Byrd)

Posted by on Thursday, June 15, 2017 in SAVY.

Dear SAVY Parents!

Today we really took on a tough topic within Greek mythology: Hero or Monster? Fanged, snake tailed, fire breathing, one-eyed, multi-headed, horned, scaly, slimy… well, you get the picture. While we learned about some really terrifying creatures (yes, there were times we thought we might have to hold hands for comfort and support), we also observed that in mythology it can get a little complicated. Sometimes, heroes can sometimes have brief moments when they can act like monsters, and monsters may not always turn out to be completely horrible. It seems that time and perspective can alter our definitions, or at least complicate them. What difficult concepts! We asked ourselves what we could learn from these stories today?

Despite the rain, we were able to take a field trip (actually a digital, online field trip) to the Centennial Park Parthenon. Warning: Your child may respectfully request that your car detour on the way home and at least drive by this amazing Nashville treasure. Be sure to observe the East Pediment (from your car if raining) if you can, because we studied that the sculptures depict the birth of Athena. They can be carefully identified by the symbolic objects or actions depicted of each god or goddess. We also recalled our earlier week discussion, and made some amazing observations about the courtyard architecture outside our window. We were delighted to identify the Greek influences in the elements of the surrounding buildings that communicate beauty and strength! We were inspired, and tomorrow you will see our work on this.

Speaking of tomorrow, we truly look forward to sharing our learning. I hope you can come and enjoy the celebration. I have truly enjoyed working with your child, and I would love to meet you!


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