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Spring SAVY 2017, Day 5- Designing Shakespeare

Posted by on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 in Grade 5, Grade 6, SAVY.


Our course draws to a close… We’ll meet for one last session, and then – like an insubstantial pageant faded – we’ll go “Poof!”

At the end of our last class I compiled the artwork, renderings, and design plots that you have created over the past five weeks. You’ve amassed an impressive amount of content. There are at least ten productions of The Tempest to be had from the work that you have generated!

During our last session we covered distinctions between Realism and Idealism, and between Naturalism and Impressionism.  We studied examples from contemporary and classic art works – who knew that Iron Man would have such a prominent role in your understanding of the processes of design?  We applied your knowledge to evaluations of past productions of The Tempest and to the possibilities of new productions to be had.

Oh, yes: and we imagined hellhounds and harpies, though we didn’t limit ourselves to the literal – to what some may call “realistic” interpretations of these mythic and symbolically potent creatures. No, you imagined beasts that embodied both form and the complex psychological intentions of Prospero and Ariel.  And – most import – you rooted your choices in the text. Well done.

I’m eager for our last session, though I’m not eager for our last session to end. Enjoy your week, and I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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