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Spring SAVY 2017, Day 3- Robotic Programming

Posted by on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.


Today was so incredibly fantastic!  We started by talking about strategies that you can use when you get frustrated, because they are all hitting levels in programming that are challenging (which is GREAT and means we are doing our job to challenge them!) and how important it is to stick with something, but to feel free to take a break and switch to something else or walk away and come back or to even ask for help!  Then, we kicked it up a notch and began more complicated programming on Tynker.  Tynker is a free app and teaches kids block coding.  We are focusing on learning to code for Spheros, but you can certainly download it and let them work on other learning games on the app as well.  Another great site is, and there are lots of things they can learn, from basic block coding to Scratch, on that website as well.

Next, we began to work on code for their Spheros.  I created an account for each child, and they are using Lightning Lab to learn how to write code and explore options for what their Spheros are capable of.  Today, they learned how to program it to go in a square, change the lighting, have it make sounds, talk, and even began to write original code for it.  You know they are enjoying it when you have free play with the Spheros toward the end of class and they ask if they can write original programs for their Spheros!  Of course! 

We will continue with the Lightning Lab activities, which teach them step by step how to write code and use command, such as loop or repeat, correctly, and will be learning more complex code.  The beauty of this is they progress at their own speeds and levels, and we are there to walk them through and confusion or help them when needed.  I couldn’t be more proud of how they are progressing!

Have a great week!

Dr. Mall

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