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Spring SAVY 2017, Day 4- Discovering the Third Dimension

Posted by on Monday, February 20, 2017 in Grade K, SAVY.

Thanks for sharing your amazing thinkers with us! This week was full of A-Ha moments. Straws in hand, pipe cleaners for vertices, we had a blast. We began by creating 2-D figures. We then combined several to create 3-D polyhedron. We then DE-composed these…and discovered the net that replicates the shape! This constructivist learning was a joy to watch – discovering with our own constructions, for example, that a cube really does have 6 faces and can be represented in a 2-D net! Using a few of our 3-D constructions, we soaked various polyhedron – cube, rectangular prism, square pyramid – in a bubble solution! The 3-D bubble-in-a-bubble shapes that were created led to more observations and great math discussions.

Your geometry scholars are confidently using math language throughout our SAVY Saturdays. They enjoy guessing our Mystery SAVY Shape. They communicated well with each other, as we made 3-D shapes from nets. We even took a quick glance at Fibonacci numbers [0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21…], and looked for spirals in a real pineapple and sunflowers. [Here is a fun link:] We read Growing Patterns, Fibonacci Numbers in Nature, by S. Campbell.

Geometry is everywhere! Math is fun! These continue to be two of our overarching big ideas and it is a joy to watch your learners embrace them.

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