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Spring SAVY 2017, Day 1- Robotic Programming

Posted by on Tuesday, January 31, 2017 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.


Welcome to Robotic Programming!  We had a fabulous start to our class today!  Your kids are absolutely amazing!

We started to the day by learning the rules and expectations, and by giving a pre-test so that we can see how much your child already knows about programming. That helps us individualize for them so that they are appropriately challenged.  Of course, the real challenge will come next week when we start actually having to program. 

Because today was the first day, they had to learn how to sync the Spheros to the iPads, reorient them if they were not responding correctly, steer them, and actually drive them.  They had a terrific time driving them around obstacles, racing them, driving them down the stairs, and having them do tricks.  Everyone had a giant smile on their faces and couldn’t believe that time was up by the end of class!

One quick note for you:  please send a snack (no peanut products!) for your child to enjoy in class.  They work up quite an appetite, and we will have break time daily.  You can send a drink or they can get water from the fountain if needed. 

Have an amazing week, and I look forward to seeing everyone next week!


Dr. Mall

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