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Fall SAVY 2016 (Day 5) – Where’s the Beach?

Posted by on Monday, October 24, 2016 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

Hello Parents!

It’s hard to believe that Week 5 has already come and gone!  We had a busy day as we learned about several different solutions to the problem of beach erosion.  By moving from center to center, students were able to experience learning in various ways.  At one center, they used materials to construct a “seawall” parallel to the shore.  They discovered that though the seawall can protect the land behind it from erosion, it can cause more erosion somewhere else.  At a different center, they built jetties that jutted out into the water.  They learned that piers and docks are also kinds of jetties.  Just like seawalls, jetties can slow down erosion in one area, but cause greater erosion in another.  Students were able to see pictures of “beach nourishment” where sand is brought in from other areas to restore what has been washed away.  They also learned that it is important to protect our dunes as a first line of defense from coastal storms and hurricanes.  They read an article about how Hurricane Matthew wiped out a good portion of the dunes along a particular beachfront hotel property.

Together, we developed a concept map to demonstrate what we have been learning about beach erosion.  One student’s comment captured the dilemma faced by building on or near the beach.  “It doesn’t make sense!  The humans are building on the beach which causes problems for the humans.  The humans are causing problems for themselves!”

Lastly, we stepped into the shoes of the camp leaders to look at building a camp from their perspective.  A children’s camp has many great benefits for the community.  Next week, students will come together as the City Council and hold a meeting where students on the panel can debate whether or not to allow the camp to build on the beach.  They will make final recommendations that will consider all that we’ve learned about the impact of coastal erosion.  I’m excited to see what they decide!  Also, next week will be our Open House where you are invited to come and see what the students have been working on.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and seeing how the kids share their learning.  

Have a great week!

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