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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 5, Day 2) – Marvelous Molecules (Dr. Holden)

Posted by on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 in Grade 1, Grade 2, SAVY.

From the electrons to elements and the periodic table to non-Newtonian fluids, Tuesday was chock full of fun and learning! We began the morning by expanding our chemistry concept map to include the states of matter, atoms, elements, molecules, and compounds. Next, we explored the periodic table and learned how to identify an atom’s name, symbol, number, and mass. Later, students took on the role of protons, neutrons, and electrons as they acted out several elements and molecules! We wrapped up the day with an ooey gooey substance that acted in different ways under different conditions. Ask your junior chemist to explain how it worked!

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