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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 4PM, Day 4) – Story Creations

Posted by on Thursday, July 14, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

Dear Parents:

Today students began their day with quiet writing so our authors could put their finishing touches on the stories They started yesterday. I was so impressed with what happened next! Slowly, but very intentionally, a few students got up from their table spot and went to a quiet location in the room to write in isolation. I was thrilled to see this writing strategy which we had discussed on the first day of class, go into action today without any mention from me! This is what I refer to as a call to writing. Each and every student was actively engaged in their own writing piece. It was like seeing the sun rise for me!!!

Next, students enjoyed being read a wordless book called, quest, by aaron Becker. I wanted students to experience the power an author can have in captivating the reader with silence. Students were encouraged to keep silent and allow their thoughts to run wild in their heads as they tried to tell the wordless story through their own creative interpretation. We then discussed what the illustrations need to have to guide the reader’s thoughts to tell a story without words. Students decided that the most important thing for this type of story is details.

After this discussion, students began illustrating their own wordless stories. They were given a long sheet of paper and we talked about how to fold the paper into repeated halves to make more story boxes (yes, I even got a quick fraction commercial break in during my modeling). Students were encouraged to use their WWW What=2 How=2 planner to brainstorm their wordless story actions. Tomorrow students will trade story illustrations with each other and try to tell the story that was illustrated by a friend in class!

Another Pen, Tomorrow, Once Again,

Ms. Fletcher


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