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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 4PM, Day 3) – Story Creations

Posted by on Wednesday, July 13, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

Dear Parents:

Today we began our day with a discussion on how self-talk can help us become better writers. I began by asking students if anyone had ever experiences a time when they were doing an activity and then they felt as though they ran out of energy to finish that activity. Several students shared experiences such as when they were in a group dance, running a long race, or rock climbing. I then asked students how they managed to keep going. At that point we shared ideas for self-talk when we were having writer’s block or just plain have trouble thinking of an idea. Our list of self-talk ideas included– Thinking about a reward at the end such as publishing a book, telling myself: “I can do anything I put my mind to”, just keep going, It is okay to take a break.

       After that, we reviewed our pow strategy for planning a story. Then we learned a strategy for remembering to do story elements when we write. Our mnemonic for story elements is: www what=2   How=2

   Who is the main character?

   When does the story take place?

   Where does the story take place?

   What does the main character do or want to do? What do other characters do?

   What happens then? What happens with other characters?

   How does the story end?

   How does the main character feel, and how do other characters feel?

Next, students planned a story using the WWW What-2. How=2 plan, and proceeded to write a new story. We closed our day with author’s spotlight reading.

 Another Pen, Tomorrow, Once Again,

Ms. Fletcher

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