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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 1, Day 1) – Playing with Words

Posted by on Monday, June 13, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

These amazing authors are off to a strong start playing with words! As we investigate figurative language, we have already begun exploring adjectives, hyperbole, personification and idioms. Figurative language appeals to the senses. We talked about walking with our eyes wide open. Creative writers have an awareness, curiosity and wonder as they use words to create sensory images of ordinary things. We considered “asphalt-flowers”, cloud shapes, the serendipity beauty of geodes… We have interacted with several Shel Silverstein poems, noting onomatopoeia, adjectives, and idioms.

We began developing our analytical and interpretive skills by reading My Dad, and enjoying an interview with the author, Anthony Browne. You might enjoy watching this interview with your young author. We became enthralled, rereading the book after the interview and noting so many subtle messages in the illustrations.: discussed hyperbole as ‘extreme exaggeration’. It was a fun segue to considering the many idioms in Many Parts. Your authors were enthralled and delighted with the literal interpretations of these confusing, common phrases. We then collaborated to illustrate a few idioms of our own. 

Our course is designed specifically for high-ability learners. We are exposing these young authors to advanced language arts content; but we are also guiding their understanding to go deeper. We will explore similes, metaphors, homophones, hyperbole, idioms, adjectives, and onomatopoeia words. We use Socratic questioning to guide students to make connections and develop analytical and reasoning skills. An understanding of figurative language will help them with reading comprehension as well as giving them an interesting voice as authors.

Our course objectives: 

    identify, analyze, and use figurative language

    analyze and interpret literature

    explore the concept of change as related to language

We wrapped a bow around our day with a reading of The Little House. Besides personification, adjectives and similes, this story ties together various traits of change. It is an exciting week to learn and grow together. Thank you for sharing your wonderful authors with us!

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