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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 3, Day 3) – Dive into Design

Posted by on Wednesday, June 29, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

Dear Parents:

Today, we began our day with two books that were lead ins to our opening lessons. We read, Rosie Revere, Engineer and How Big is a Foot, and then we talked about the engineering process. On Tuesday we had also read a cute book about the engineering process called, The Most Magnificent Thing. I really wanted to impress upon the students that the engineering process involves refinement and even starting over at times to achieve the product or end result that he or she has in mind. We talked about how it feels to have a vision of what you are trying to achieve and how frustrating it can be when others don’t see what we see, but that we must remain focused on our goals and not let what others say to us stop us!

We then had a discussion about standard and non-standard measurement and why our measurements will vary with non-standard measurements (measuring with our feet verses measuring with a ruler). This led to a discussion about what accuracy means and why it is important in measuring.

After that, Miss Katy and I asked the kids to stand up and we then asked them to line up on a row of yardsticks one at a time and they had to guess how we were lining them up. They guessed that we were lining them up shortest to tallest. Then we talked about how we could compare each other’s height as compared to several others, such as Ava is taller than Kingston, but she is shorter than Grant. Then we traced our feet and looked at how we could compare the different foot sizes. We also looked at the how many rulers would fit in one yardstick. Students realized that parts can be added together to make a whole in measurement.

We then analyzed he differences and similarities of 3-D and 2-D shapes. Our thoughts were captured on a double-bubble map. Finally, we added depth to our pool models and we looked at how an above ground pool is made.

More to measure with immeasurable learning, tomorrow!



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