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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 3, Day 1) – Dive into Design

Posted by on Monday, June 27, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

Dear Parents:

Day one was a great start to our week! It was so nice to welcome back students who had been in my Entomology class last week. We began our day with students doing a Concept Map on measurement so we could get a starting point upon which to begin our course by checking their background knowledge. I also asked each student what area of design they were interested in so I could use that information to guide instruction towards student interests.

Next, we looked at what blueprints are and how they are used. Students enjoyed looking at the room dimensions listed on house blueprints, and as a result, they were able to compare and contrast the room sizes of different houses. After that, we discussed what a model is and how it differs from a blueprint. I showed students the steps to creating a model of a house. They were fascinated to see as the house model was built from the foundation up to the roof. Students watched and tried to guess what part of the house model was being constructed as it progressed.

After that, students created a blueprint of their own choosing. Some chose to create a blueprint of their own house, others designed blueprints of pools or golf courses, while others selected a car or other object. Finally, students got to design their own models from playdough.

We finished our day with a discussion of dimensions including length, width and height. This discussion lead to another about units of measurement. Students were given rulers to set off in the room to measure items around the room.

More to measure with immeasurable learning, tomorrow!


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