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Summer SAVY 2016 (Session 2, Day 2) – Entomology: The Science of Bugs

Posted by on Tuesday, June 21, 2016 in Grade K, SAVY.

Dear Parents:

Today the students began their day with hands-on station rotations of live ecosystem explorations in our classroom. These ecosystems included earthworms. Meal worms, crickets, and freshwater fish. The young entomologists wrote down detailed notes and drew pictures of what they touched and observed. They were very excited to explore these live labs, and to use petri dishes and hand lenses! Students were able to analyze bug behavior and reasons for their behaviors. We are also daily collecting our own bugs to observe close up.
Next, we added to our classroom concept map about bugs and insects. Students were able to add new learning. Our concept map is expanding and growing in depth of knowledge.

Students then began to create their bug showcases of learning. This is an individual student project where students are building a showcase of learning out of a box. They will be adding to it daily. We then, re-capped our day by discussing insect classifications, and characteristics that are similar and different among insects and bugs.

Finally, students finished their first pieces of art for their insect gallery. Tomorrow will bring new insect and bug insights as we visit one of the biology labs at Vanderbilt and listen to a guest speaker.

Bugging out for now,
Karen Fletcher
Entomology Instructor

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