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Accelerated Programs

What does the research say about extra curricular accelerated academic programs for the gifted?

When gifted students participate in extra-curricular, accelerated academic programs, such as those offered by PTY, they:

  • Enjoy greater academic challenges than in their typical school experience (Mills, Ablard, & Lynch, 1992)
  • Are more likely to take advanced high school courses in mathematics, especially girls (Olszewski-Kubilius & Grant, 1996; Fox, Brody, & Tobin, 1985)
  • Are more likely to seek admittance into a prestigious college after high school (Barnett & Durden, 1993; Swiatek & Benbow, 1991)
  • Are more likely to pursue professional careers in mathematics (Olszewski-Kubilius & Grant, 1996)
  • Feel supported by their peers (Enerson, 1993) and,
  • Report a higher self-confidence level in physical and athletic ability (Olszewski, Kulieke, & Willis, 1987)

Additional advantages have been cited by Olszewski-Kubilius (2007) and include:

  • High level of challenge and pacing, not otherwise provided by many schools,
  • Access to university faculty and content experts, earlier in a gifted student’s academic career,
  • Reinforcement of academic and social risk taking behaviors,
  • Development of independence, and
  • A positive mediating factor to curb underachievement in gifted students