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‘Science Programs at Vanderbilt’

Spring SAVY 2013 Week 5: World Religions

Mar. 12, 2013—Last Saturday we moved from the Abrahamic Faiths (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) to what we are calling the “Pluralistic Faiths” (Hinduism and Buddhism). We started off by reviewing the Abrahamic Faiths we had covered in order to compare similarities and differences between them. For instance, students noted that the Qur’an in Islam functions similar to...

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Spring SAVY 2013 Week 4: World Religions

Mar. 5, 2013—This past Saturday our students were treated to a guest speaker. Hasina is a current PhD student at Peabody and a Muslim. She regularly represents the ummah at Islamic Center of Nashville, delivering talks to various groups about Islam. Hasina was able to cover not only the history of Islam, but also help the students...

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Spring SAVY 2013 Week 2 – World Religions

Feb. 18, 2013—Today we began our survey of world religions with Judaism. We had a very quick lecture/discussion about the history of Judaism, beginning with the story of Abraham, through the Babylonian Exile in 587 b.c.e. and the Return to Jerusalem in 537 b.c.e. The period in Babylon was the birth of modern Judaism, when different scattered...

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