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Summer 2018 Student Programs

Dec. 8, 2017—SAVY: Rising 1st – 6th Summer SAVY offers qualifying rising 1st-6th grade gifted students a fast-paced, accelerated curriculum taught by content experts.  Summer SAVY is a weekday program in which parents can choose a variety of courses from six different one-week session options. Students sign up for one SAVY class per session to explore a topic in depth....

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For Educators

Dec. 15, 2011—Programs for Talented Youth understands the important role educators, counselors, psychologists, and other professionals play in the lives of gifted students. Vanderbilt Gifted Education Institute Throughout the year PTY’s Gifted Education Institute offers professional development opportunities for practicing professionals on a variety of topics. Educators and school districts may choose to attend one of the...

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Oct. 15, 2009—The mission of Programs for Talented Youth is to develop talent in gifted students and those who work with them.  Therefore we focus our area of study on the factors that impact the development of talent across the lifespan and how participation in extra-curricular accelerated academic programs impact student performance both socially and academically. PTY...

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WAVU (Grades 7-10)

Oct. 15, 2009—WAVU at a Glance New to WAVU or coming back for more? Join us for the next Weekend at Vanderbilt University (WAVU) this fall or spring – or both. We’re excited to share our next course offerings with you, so be sure to check out your lab choices for fall and spring!  WAVU is an all-day...

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SAVY (Grades K-6 Academic Year, Rising 1-7 Summer)

Oct. 15, 2009— SAVY at a Glance 2018 Summer SAVY Application 2018 Career Connections Application  Summer 2018 Financial Aid *To view our course descriptions for summer 2018, click here. Who? Gifted and high-achieving students in Kindergarten and grades 1–6 during the academic year (Summer, rising 1-6) who typically test around the 95th percentile on an ability test or in at...

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VSA (Rising 7-12)

Oct. 15, 2009—VSA at a Glance No longer accepting applications for VSA 2018 Application inquiries may be directed to Check out our catalog for more information! Who? Gifted students and advanced learners in rising grades 7-12 who typically test at the 95th percentile and above in one or multiple areas of the ACT, SAT, or PSAT tests. See “Eligibility” section...

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