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Spring 2017

Recommended for Grades 7-8

Case Law in Practice – Waitlist only

Case law involves the process of bringing a case to trial, making arguments from precedent, and filing appeals to higher courts. In this day-long course you will learn about the complex and ever-changing facets of case law directly from a lawyer with courtroom experience.  In addition to this advanced content, you can look forward to real-world advice on what it takes to become a lawyer and what the practice of law looks like “in real life.”

Creative Writing: The Author’s Process – Waitlist only

This practical, hands-on workshop will immerse you in the writing process by developing core content for your very own short stories. You will access exercises fiction authors use to hone their craft, develop complex plot points, identify workshop techniques and revision strategies that will lead to a polished and compelling piece. This writing laboratory will also introduce resources and online platforms designed to help both early and advanced writers take the next step on their literary journey.

Endocrinology – Waitlist only

Led by a PhD candidate working in the prestigious Gannon Laboratory at Vanderbilt University, your Saturday lab experience will shine a light on the rigors of research into diabetes and the human endocrine system. Beginning with the basics of the endocrine system function and dysfunction, the heart of this course will explore the insights research can yield on the causes and treatments of diabetes. You can also count on practical know-hows regarding opportunities and varied career paths in biomedicine.

Environmental Engineering – Waitlist only

Environmental engineering is a vast and varied field with statistical analysis and complex problem solving at every turn. This laboratory will feature the research and fieldwork of a Vanderbilt PhD candidate, who specializes in climate change and human infrastructure. Through the use of Geographic Information Systems, programing, and statistical analysis, you will have the opportunity to analyze climate trends and begin to understand their present and future impacts.

Recommended for Grades 8-9

Genetic Epidemiology – Waitlist only

Vanderbilt University is at the forefront of the new Precision Medicine Initiative, a nationwide project to study the genomes of over 1 million people in order to better understand how diseases work in different populations. In this immersive experience, you’ll learn how scientists are working to make sense of that information. Using open-source statistical analysis software in conjunction with computer programming, you’ll utilize the tools and procedures epidemiologists are using to try to understand the relationships between genetic variants and human health.

Recommended for Grades 9-10

Autoimmune Disease and Research – Waitlist only

Cutting edge technologies and analysis programs are giving scientists insight into how the immune system functions in sick versus healthy people. you will consider how this information is helping to identify targets for therapy, treatment, and disease prevention through vaccination. Taught by a Vanderbilt viral immunologist, this laboratory course will also offer practical advice on pursuing advanced studies and careers in the field of biomedicine.

Drug Policy: Impact and Implications

From historical records to personal narratives, this course will dissect the history of drug policies and their effects on ordinary people. The focus of this lab will lie with standard historical research methods–including how historians analyze primary sources–but you will also take stock of “boots on the ground” research, the fieldwork and interviews necessary to gain a firsthand understanding of how broad policy decisions impact people at the “grassroots” level.