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2019/2020 WAVU Courses Coming Soon!

At Weekends at Vanderbilt University, high-achieving students explore unique and exciting new subjects in a fast-paced and challenging laboratory environment. There are no grades, which encourages students to begin thinking like professionals in their field, posing in-depth questions, and taking intellectual risks.


Most of our instructors are experienced professionals within their content area, Vanderbilt professors and Ph.D. students, and nearly every class has a TA. This fosters a collaborative environment, with instructional staff acting as scholar-mentors to small groups of students.


One of the characteristics of WAVU is that it packs a great deal into a single day. With so much to accomplish, instructors are unable to provide written assessments about their students. Parents are encouraged to attend the open house for their student’s course prior to check-out, during which the instructors and teaching assistants will be available to answer questions and present a brief summary of the course and its objectives. Every student who attends WAVU will receive formal letters that recognizes their completion of the program, commends their enthusiasm for intellectual growth, and encourages them to continue their journey into the joys of the life of the mind.