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Summer SAVY 2018

Summer Academy at Vanderbilt for the Young

SAVY courses are designed for students in rising 1st through 6th grade. For more information about the SAVY program, including eligibility and the application process, click here.

Please note: Some courses for Summer 2018 have filled. Waiting lists are being maintained for full courses.

Courses with a strikethrough have been canceled.

Rising 1st
Rising 2nd
Rising 3rd/4th
Rising 5th/6th
Session 1
June 11-15
Dive into Design
Secrets of the Moli Stone
Electrifying Engineering
Dabbling with DNA
Mighty Metamorphasis
Biology and the Body
Session 2
June 18-22
Animal Adaptations
Data Discoverers
Forensic Science
Animal Communication
Story Gardening
Puzzles and Problem Solving
Archetypes in Literature
Session 3
June 25-29
Engineering Solutions
Environmental Explorers
Ecological Expedition
The Makings of America
Observational Astronomy
Math and Music
Digital Storytelling
Session 4
July 9-13
Intro to Coding
Adventures in Algebra
Traveling Through Time
The Great Debate
Fractions at Work
Intro to Business
Mysterious World in Writing
Session 5
July 16-20
Becoming a Botanist
Character Creations
Intro to Programming
Chemical Spill!
Poetic Play
Stellar Astronomy
Marvelous Mechanisms
Session 6
July 23-27
Playing with Words
The Mirror of Mythology
Neuroscience Navigators
Archaeology & Ancient Civilizations
Programming and Robotics
Theory, Criticism, & The Force
Field Ecology



Career Connections at SAVY

Career Connections courses are designed for students in rising 7th grade. What is Career Connections? Click here for more information about this new program.

Session 4: July 9-13
Session 5: July 16-20
Session 6: July 23-27
Rising 7th Grade
Think Like a Lawyer
Engineering Design
Behavioral Economics
The Power of Persuasion
Science of Emotion
Kinematics for Mechanical Design