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Fall SAVY 2019 Courses | Spring SAVY 2020 Courses

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Our Courses

SAVY gives gifted students the chance to learn something new about the world as well as themselves — who they are, what they love, and what their minds can accomplish! Our classes are taught at 2-3 grade levels above a student’s current grade, and our classes are unlike those that students are going to find almost anywhere else at their age. Past courses have included exciting topics such as microbiology, archaeology, and even philosophy, just to name a few.

Whether students choose to take advantage of our fall/spring Saturday classes, or spend a week (or more!) with us during the summer, SAVY students will be introduced to the skills and tools experts in the related fields use to approach and solve problems.

Fall 2019 SAVY
3 Saturdays, Sept 21, Sept 28, and Oct 5
9:00AM – 2:45PM
 Spring 2020 SAVY
3 Saturdays, Feb 8, Feb 15, and Feb 22
9:00AM – 2:45PM


Many of our instructors are Vanderbilt Ph.D. students, professors, master teachers, and content experts. SAVY students can begin to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and skills experts use to address complex problems because they are being taught by experts themselves. Vanderbilt graduate students and educators serve as teaching assistants in the classroom to help guide and support SAVY students.


There are no grades or homework in SAVY courses. This frees students to be creative, think critically, and try new things without fear of failure. At the end each session, Parents will instead receive written feedback from their child’s instructor. This feedback is designed to provide parents with individualized information that will help parents to support students’ continued growth in an area of passion and interest.