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WAVU Courses

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(For 7th-12th grade students)

At Weekends at Vanderbilt University, high-achieving students explore unique and exciting new subjects in a fast-paced and challenging laboratory environment. There are no grades, which encourages students to begin thinking like professionals in their field, posing in-depth questions, and taking intellectual risks.


Most of our instructors are experienced professionals within their content area, Vanderbilt professors and Ph.D. students, and every class has a TA. This fosters a collaborative environment, with instructional staff acting as scholar-mentors to small groups of students.


One of the characteristics of WAVU is that it packs a great deal into a single day. Parents are encouraged to attend the open house for their student’s course prior to check-out, during which the instructors and teaching assistants will be available to answer questions and present a brief summary of the course and its objectives.