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On-Site Professional Development

PTY’s Gifted Education Institute is pleased to offer a variety of professional development sessions to school staff or parent groups in an effort to provide additional support and information about the unique learning needs of high-ability students. PTY will work with school leaders or parent groups to design a session that addresses the specific learning needs and interests of the audience. Presentation topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Identifying characteristics of gifted vs. bright students in the regular education classroom
  • Meeting the learning needs of gifted students in the classroom (i.e., differentiating instruction, Jacob’s Ladder: Reading Comprehension Program, Novel Navigators, etc)
  • Training on the Integrated Curriculum Model (Van Tassel-Baska, 1986) as it pertains to the curriculum that supports English/Language Arts, Science and Social Studies
  • Identifying and serving students who are twice-exceptional (e.g., gifted and have a learning disability)
  • Providing additional resources for parents and teachers of gifted students
  • Talent development opportunities to enhance potential
  • Perfectionism and the gifted child
  • Underachievement and the gifted child
  • Writing IEPs for gifted learners
  • Developing critical thinking across the content areas

For more information about these professional learning opportunities, please contact: 
Sarah DeLisle, Program Coordinator & Educational Consultant.