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Summer SAVY 2015 (Week 3, Day 4) – Survive and Thrive (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2015 in SAVY blog.

I can’t believe the week is almost over! We started our class today by comparing and contrasting what we learned about beetles, birds, and amphibians. This gave us a chance to name what they all had in common as well as what made each unique. Then each student researched an animal and built a model of the animal. Researching animals is something that young children enjoy. What helps push this beyond simply reporting facts is the time we spend making comparisons and focusing on the big idea of how all animals have features that help them survive and thrive. For example, the students are very interested whether or not animals care for their young, and they like labeling animals as good parents or bad parents. One student studied geckos today and discovered that they don’t care for their young and only lay a few eggs. He shared with us that many types of geckos are threatened, and we talked about how only laying a few eggs and being bad parents might be a contributing factor to their decline along with other manmade factors. The students are eager to share with you about all that they have learned, and we hope that you can attend open house tomorrow to see all our animals, real and imaginary, and hear about their survival features.