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Summer SAVY 2015 (Week 3, Day 4) – Bioengineering, Mr. Oscar (Rising 2nd/3rd)

Posted by on Thursday, June 25, 2015 in SAVY blog.

Students returned eager to learn more about bioengineering on the 4th day of SAVY! We started by creating a life size concept map of the topics we have discussed so far. We then reviewed the electromagnetic spectrum and how engineers and scientists go about selecting the appropriate wavelength needed for their experiments.

We then started our next bioengineering topic, biomechanics and robotics! Students learned about prosthetic devices and how bioengineers develop them. They brainstormed in teams to identify critical features that would need to be implemented in the design and functionality of a prosthetic device. Students were then introduced to Winter the dolphin. Winter was found off of the coast of Florida tangled in a fishing line, which cut off circulation to her tail flukes. After specialists determined they would not be able to save her tail, they collaborated with engineers to design and build a prosthetic tail for Winter to use. Students were excited to learn Winter was able to use a prosthetic tail to move around more easily.

Here is a reference to learn more about Winter the dolphin and her prosthetic tail:

After learning about Winter, they were inspired to take on the challenge of the day! Students worked in teams to imagine, plan, and design their approach to building a prosthetic limb. Their creativity shined even with the challenge of needing to design a prosthetic leg that a teammate could wear and stand without assistance for two minutes.  We plan to finish applying the final touches for the prosthetic limbs tomorrow.

I look forward to helping students prepare for their culminating experience as they wrap up the bioengineering session and meet their families at the Open House!

Oscar D. Ayala