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Spring SAVY 2015, Week 2 – Brain Blast (1st/2nd Grade, Dr. J)

Posted by on Tuesday, February 17, 2015 in SAVY blog.

Following a review of the 5 lobes of the cerebrum, the class observed a dissection of a sheep’s brain.  I asked the students to find the parts we learned about and identify their functions.  Most of the class was fascinated by the experience of exploring something that is normally hidden.  We experienced the fragile nature of the brain, which lead into a discussion of the natural and man-made protection that we have for our brains. Ask your child about the dramatic demonstration (involving an egg) of cerebrospinal fluid’s purpose.  We spent the rest of the class designing and prototyping protection for our egg (a model for a head) using the Engineering Design process.  The results were diverse in design, but all effective!