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One VSA Applicant Comes Clean… (Shared with Permission)

VSA application essays — our version of story time

It’s application season here at VSA central (a.k.a. our corner of the PTY office). That means we are reviewing lots of great essays and work samples. Every so often, we come across one that we think is worth sharing (like these). Unbelievably, the author of this poem, a Session 1 student named Rachel,* wrote this when she was in only the sixth grade.

My Delicious Sacrosanct

I sit on the tall wooden chair
and watch temptation
rest on the long, dark mahogany table.
My mouth waters for your lush milky taste.
Your essence is like a mouthful of love,
a velvety taste that completes me.

“Rachel, indulge me,” you coo to me in a soothing tone
that I cannot resist.
In a trance, I open the colorful blue box with a plastic creak.
There you stand, you oreos.
You are uniform in color like darkness,
Shaped like the stars,
texture like the moon.
I carefully pluck one of you from the middle of the stack
and stare at the sublime treasure you hold
within your crumbly black crust.

Your engraved dark outsides welcome me.
For one small taste
of the creamy white icing you hold.
I hear the snappy crunch as I chew
and taste the gooey cream.
The luscious, bitter taste of rich chocolate in one bite
beckons me.
“Come, child,” you murmur, “I’m sure you can eat
just two bites.”

I feel the two different sides of you,
smooth like the black sky,
rough like stars,
engraved like the moon.
I feel the texture of your shell that breaks into jagged pieces,
even after I finish those glorious two bites.
after I have devoured you completely.

Nibble after ambrosial nibble,
savor after heavenly savor
oreo after mouthwatering oreo.
My love for you never diminishes.
As I seal the colorful blue box,
I smile to myself and stare at your godly goodness,
truly a masterpiece of flavors,
my delicious kryptonite.

Rachel, welcome to Vanderbilt Summer Academy! We’ll bring the milk!

* It is our policy not to reveal student information, even names, without explicit permission.

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