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Fall SAVY 2014, Week 1 – The Unseen World of Microorganisms

Posted by on Monday, September 29, 2014 in SAVY blog.

This past Saturday was an exciting class for our youngest microbiologists on campus, the SAVY students in “The unseen world of microorganisms”!  We learned that there is so much that you cannot see with your naked eye.  We started by learning about how insects look under a microscope.  Ask your SAVY child about a butterfly’s tongue, a spider’s eyes, a mosquito’s mouth and how hairy insects can be!  We even saw the cells that make up a fly’s eye!  Did you know that EVERY living thing is made up of cells?  After this, we took some time to talk about what types of living things are made of cells.  We covered the five kingdoms (Plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, and protists).  Ask your child what category to put living things into and point out mushrooms, grass, squirrels, or ask them about germs.  Finally, the SAVY students performed field sampling to discover what types of living things live in the greenspace around Wyatt Hall.  Then, we brought those samples back into class and looked at them under the microscopes.  Your child drew the microscopic striations (stripes) on a snail shell, the subtle color changes on an oak leaf, and the intricate fibers that make up a spider’s web.  We also looked at soil, bark, and berries from the trees.  Your child will be keeping a notebook with all of their scientific observations.  Encourage them to keep discovering at home, and to always “draw what you see!”.