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Summer SAVY 2014 Session 4, Day 9 – Playing with Words (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Thursday, July 17, 2014 in SAVY blog.

We have had such a fabulous time exploring the world of words together!! Thank you for sharing your awesome authors with us. We hope you can stop in tomorrow afternoon so we can give you a glimpse of our SAVY time together. We are on the 1st floor of Murray. Your students binders are theirs to share with you and to take home.

In anticipation of our last day together, we put a bow around some of our projects today. We completed our color books, with inspiration from poets such as Christina Rossetti. Your students might enjoy writing their own color books at home. It’s easy, with this template:

Color My World poem:

We also edited our fiction writing, trying to add pizzazz with adjectives and figurative language. We noted adjectives about ourselves and our classmates as well today. A beautiful benefit of the SAVY program is to have these gifted children in a homogenous environment in which they can be encouraged to grow socially and in community, as well as academically. They were so precious finding definitive descriptive words for their peers.
Your young learners acquire and retain information so quickly. It has been fun to expose them to the world of literature and words and to see them grasp and apply their new knowledge.
They are learning to do their best without that temptation of perfection that sometimes accompanies gifted students. It’s a joy to encourage them.
These creative learners have such fun ways of looking at things. Today we read The Mysteries of Harris Burdick, a Van Allsburg book, and it left us with many questions as potential authors studying the illustrations without text.
I hope to see you tomorrow afternoon.