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Summer SAVY 2014 Session 4, Day 4 – Playing with Words (Rising 1st)

Posted by on Thursday, July 10, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Our first week is swiftly coming to a close. We are beginning to recognize adjectives readily, to visualize poetic language, to identify similes and metaphors, and to notice change all around us. Plus, we have had a grand time reading some fabulous books! We began our day reading Canoe Days, by Gary Paulson. It was encouraging to see how quickly students noted similes and metaphors.

Today we explored color words. Using Crayola names and paint chips as a catalyst, we created many new descriptive color names. We then considered what things, events, feelings are our new color hue. We listed what we think our color sounds like and looks like. These were the beginnings of figurative language poetry.
Colors: Ogre green, fire, river blue [that “in a river is black and has the aroma of otters”], lava, lightening bolt, daffodil white, purple berry…
We enjoyed some of Jane Yolen’s poems about colors. We illustrated what we visualized as we listened to her poem about Dreams. We also read Nocturne and looked at her website.
In analyzing authors, we also read another book by Peter Reynolds. Yesterday was North Star; today was Dot. The young illustrators in our class loved this story of Vashti and her change in perspective relative to her artistic talents.
In thinking about change, we are asking ourselves:
  • What are some things that change in nature?
  • What are some ways that you change?
  • What are some changes that you can make happen?
  • What are some changes that happen even though we can’t see them happening?
These students love funny books. Our class ended with a reading of a favorite: Scaredy Squirrel. May these young thinkers always have courage to “jump into the unknown” and make a difference.