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Summer SAVY 2014 Session 4, Day 4 – Media Delights and Dilemmas (Rising 4th/5th)

Posted by on Thursday, July 10, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Dear SAVY families,

I wish you all could have been flies on the wall today to see the SAVY Media Research Team (aka, your students) at work!  After they demonstrated mastery over identifying producers’ goals, we turned to discussions of funding.  First, we clarified how commercials pay for much of the TV programming we see.  Then we considered other kinds of media.  From PBS shows, to political advertisements, to public service announcements—your students deduced how different programs and products are funded, and how those funding mechanisms might influence media design.

Next, I put them to the test to “spot the advertisements” (we concluded they are pretty much everywhere!), and analyze the persuasive tactics in each example.  Your SAVY students had so many ideas that I had to get extra easel paper to write them all down!  We decided it was a very fun game, and with our list of advertising tactics we were ready to get creative and play “I’m not buying it!”  The students chose 1-2 magazines and got snarky by turning the tables and talking back to the ads.  If you ever want to do this at home, just rip out a magazine ad and amend it somehow to illuminate its persuasive tactics.  Here’s an example:

You can also see the students’ examples at open house next Friday.

Finally, it was 6 (pro) against 3 (con) as we debated whether advertising was good or bad for society.  Good, nuanced points were made by all, and I think I’ll have to call it a draw…

Looking forward to another fun and productive afternoon tomorrow!