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Spring SAVY 2014, Week 6 – Awesome Algebra (Kindergarten)

Posted by on Monday, March 17, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Awesome Algebra

Spring SAVY 2014

Open house was a great way to celebrate our last Saturday! Thank you so much for coming to see what we have been doing in our class these past six weeks. The students were excited to share what they learned with you.

Before open house, we spent some time solving some problems and working through some equations. We solved equations like 5+3=6+x. The students had to figure out what x was and explain their thinking. It was so interesting to hear the different ways that students solved the problems. Communication is an important part of mathematics; sharing and listening to others’ ideas is equally important. In our class, we had many opportunities to communicate our thinking and listen to one another. I would often ask students if they agreed or disagreed with an answer and have them follow up by explaining why. It was important for students to explain why they agreed or disagreed. These conversations helped students finish problems, recognize mistakes, and try out different strategies.

It was a great six weeks teaching these wonderful students! I want to thank all the families for all that you do to get your children to our SAVY class.