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Spring SAVY 2014, Week 5 – Where’s the Beach? (Kindergarten)

Posted by on Monday, March 10, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Dear Families,

The camp proposal is ready for the final vote. Last week, we were divided on the outcome of the Dunesville camp. This week we worked in teams to learn more about effects erosion may have on the camp. We worked with partners and experimented with the sand/wind model to determine which methods are most effective in controlling erosion. The students had fun using straws for wind and different natural objects collected outside.

We worked in research groups to learn more about specific methods communities have used to reduce the effects of erosion brought on by natural and man-made forces. We researched jetties, bulkheads, renourishment, and protecting dunes. The groups created posters that showed what they are, how they are used, and the advantages and disadvantages each has. Each student decided on a position for or against the use of the solution to coastal erosion. Which solution would be best for Dunesville? The council will vote next week.

Next week,  the students will represent the council in making final recommendations about the camp plans. We also plan to welcome our families to the open house from 11:15-11:45. The classroom will be set up into several “stations” where you will get to see and experience your child’s understanding of coastal erosion.

See you next week!