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VSA Admissions: Round 5…

Posted by on Friday, February 14, 2014 in VSA Blog.

It's starting to get a bit crowded around here…

So here’s where things stand…

  • Session I – We will be swamped once Session I students get our catalog. Now is the best time to apply.
  • Session II – We sent a lot of waitlist emails today. We hate that! The good news is that some of our classes still have room.
  • Session III – History suggests Session III will fill up very soon. Check our website for the latest course info.

A few things to remember…

  • If you have been putting off submitting your application to VSA, don’t! We process applications in the order in which they are received.
  • We keep classes small on purpose; we believe individual attention matters. The average student:teacher ratio is 15:1 (less, when you count Teaching Assistants).
  • If you are mourning your waitlist status, we mourn with you! Feel free to check the course offerings for your session just in case you might have overlooked one or two courses the first time.
  • We keep waitlists for all our courses, even if you are enrolled in another VSA course. There are no guarantees, but if a spot were to open up in a higher-ranked course, we’d call you.

If you have been admitted to VSA…

Welcome paperwork goes out in a few weeks. That’s also about when we will invite you to join our Facebook groups. We’ve heard rumors that Facebook isn’t as cool as it used to be, but then again, VSA is run by people in their…let’s just say we are mostly in our mid-thirties. We aren’t as cool as we used to be either.

(Actually, that’s a lie…we were never that cool to begin with.)

In all seriousness, once again, congratulations to those of you who got admissions emails today. We can’t wait to see you at Vanderbilt Summer Academy! If you were waitlisted, we are here to address any of your concerns (we also wrote this).