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Spring SAVY 2014, Week 3 – Where’s the Beach? (Kindergarten)

Posted by on Monday, February 24, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful day together! To better understand coastline and seashore, we counted the number of coastal states in our country. We were surprised to find out there were so many! Almost half of the people in the United States live near a coast. We discussed the many laws and regulations that people in coastal communities must follow regarding the land and water.

We introduced the term “reasoning” and completed a graphic organizer to help think through all sides of the camp building project. We first decided who might be the stakeholders in the situation. We discussed each stakeholder’s point of view, assumptions, and implications for the camp project.

To learn more about the beach environment, we observed three different sand samples. We described each sand type and used hand lenses to get an “up close” look at the sand particles. We compared and contrasted the sand samples and were able to share many similarities and differences.

Next week, we will conduct several experiments to better understand the process of erosion using various materials. We will also begin to think about ways to combat erosion. We will take a vote next week to see who is “for”, “against”, or “undecided” on a secret ballot.

Home Extensions:

  • Research volcanic eruptions and the sand types found on beaches near eruptions.
  • What happens if sand is water logged? What happens if sand is dried out? Would sand be good for plant growth? Why or why not?