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Spring SAVY 2014, Week 1 – Where’s the Beach? (Kindergarten)

Posted by on Monday, February 10, 2014 in SAVY blog.

Dear Families,

We had a wonderful day Satuday getting to know each other and our new laboratory space. We started our session with a morning meeting and shared a little bit about ourselves. We discovered that we love science! In our Where’s the Beach? unit, students will take an active role in identifying and resolving a real-world problem. Our goals for the unit include:

Goal 1:To understand the concept of systems.

Goal 2: To understand the principles of erosion.

Goal 3: To understand and apply the basic principles of experimental design.

Goal 4: To develop reasoning skills with application to science.

To understand the concept of systems, students were given a flashlight and model vehicle as examples. New vocabulary was introduced including: system, input, output, elements, boundaries, and interactions. We defined and applied these new terms to the flashlight and vehicle examples. We began our discussion of the beach as a system with our new understanding of how a system works.

Next week, students will be introduced to a problem at the beach and it will be their job to solve it. The problem-based learning format allows students to obtain significant science content knowledge in the course of solving a real-world problem.
Home Extensions:

  • Encourage your child to think about their experiences at the beach and consider what things scientists would like to study about the beach.
  • Draw a system and label the elements, boundaries, inputs, outputs, and interactions.

See you Saturday!

Mrs. B and Miss Nerrisa