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SAVY Quotes from SAVY Folks

Posted by on Monday, January 13, 2014 in SAVY blog.

When it comes to the SAVY experience, we’re eager to hear what our students and parents have to say. If there’s one thing we know, SAVY has the potential to make a real difference in a gifted child’s life, but it’s our SAVY families who can offer that first-hand feedback.

Look what SAVY students are saying…

  • I wish SAVY was a hundred-million weeks long!
  • What I learned gave me insight on the world, and I find interesting details in things we take advantage of.
  • I think that SAVY is great because it makes you think and have fun at the same time.
  • We learned about lots of things I never knew. It really helped astronomy not only become my passion but my career.

When we ask parents about why they enroll their child in SAVY, they say…

  • To give her exposure to multiple topics and explore her interests.
  • For the peer interaction and generation of critical thinking.
  • My daughter needed something to stimulate her intellectually.  Also I thought it would be nice for her to be in a classroom full of peers that enjoy thinking and learning.
  • To expose him to students outside of his school with similar interests and abilities. He loves science so this class seemed like a great fit.

Parents say that the most valuable part of SAVY is…

  • Communicating with peers of similar abilities and work on areas of interest
  • For him to work with peer group of children, and to work with instructors who understand the various needs of these children.
  • The most valuable part of SAVY is the range of topics covered that are outside of the academic curriculum offered in school.
  • Exposure to new concepts that challenge his abilities and inspire learning
  • Child’s exposure to new concepts that challenge his abilities and inspire learning
  • The diversity of students (from all different schools) and the incredible knowledge of the professors and the beautiful Peabody Campus.
  • Our child found that he immediately ‘clicked’ with other students in the course.  He found others who thought like him and had similar interests.
  • Encouraging our son’s love of learning.  Keeping him engaged and interested and providing more complex subject matter than his standard school.  Recognizing the joy in math and science and passing that to our son.