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Fall SAVY 2013, Week 6 – Archeology (Instructor: Sarah Levithol, 1st/2nd grade)

Posted by on Monday, November 4, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Time has certainly gone by so fast and it is hard to believe that today was our last day of class. We spent the whole day analyzing the artifacts we dug up last Saturday during our excavations. First we separated out the artifacts by the layer they were found in and by the type of artifact they were. Then, we looked at each one more in depth to try to understand what they were used for. Students worked in groups to accomplish this analysis and also worked together to draw the stratigraphy of their unit and label where they found the artifacts. In these same groups students hypothesized about what past human activities they thought occurred in their layer. I was so impressed with how good students were at working in their groups to analyze their artifacts and thinking about what they were used for and how this use hints at the activities that occurred in their layer. We were using all of our accumulated knowledge from the course to solve the complex “puzzle” of what happened at our site. Students were great at thinking like real archaeologists and I am so proud of them for coming up with such good hypotheses and proving them using the artifacts they found.

The last part of class was spent creating a museum exhibit for their layer to show to their parents. Students wrote about the artifacts, and we then arranged them into small little exhibits for them to show to their parents. Students also wrote about what their favorite activity was in class. They were really excited to show their parents their exhibits and all of the analysis they have been recording in their field notebooks. Everyone did a great job showing their parents their work and explaining it to them.

It has been a pleasure teaching your children about archaeology and I hope they enjoyed learning about it as much as I did teaching them. I have taken away so many great memories from this class and have learned a lot myself about how to effectively teach complex concepts to children. Everyone did a great job in the course both in understanding the material and applying it to a variety of activities. I hope students continue to learn about archaeology and its importance in our society. It has truly been a fun class and I will really miss teaching everyone on Saturdays.