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RAV at Fall SAVY 2013, Week 5 – Film (5th/6th grade)

Posted by on Monday, October 28, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Film, Week 5 (5th/6th grade)

There are some impressive filmmakers in this group.

This past Saturday, we watched the fruits of three Saturdays worth of labors. While the films themselves were only a minute long each, students had plenty to say about one another’s masterpieces. Not only were students noticing the details that made these projects truly shine – the colors chosen, the order of the images chosen, the way a shot that was originally a mistake was turned into something frightening – but they also provided one another with constructive criticism that was truly helpful.

Telling others they did a great job is easy, whereas bringing someone’s attention to someone’s mistakes can be difficult. This, however, is a film class, and we can all learn from our own mistakes. I was truly impressed with the way that these young filmmakers guided one another toward tweaking their short movies into bigger and better pieces!

With the time we had left, students went out to film again. This time, they left to film one another in an attempt to capture a simple moment of life. These brief peeks into the life of a fifth or sixth grader will make for an excellent introduction to last week’s project. Consider it a study in juxtaposition, one that will only strengthen Teasdale’s and Bradbury’s message. Stay tuned!