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Summer May Be Over, but SAVY Saturdays Start Soon!

Posted by on Thursday, September 5, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Physics students in the lab

As students head back to school, and whispers and giggles fill hallways and classrooms once again, there is no doubt that if you listen harder enough you will hear students asking and answering the same question, “What did you do this summer?”

Over 350 students in grades Kindergarten through sixth grade will be able to answer that they attended SAVY this summer at Vanderbilt University. Summer SAVY 2013 was the largest ever with students from over 80 schools and 8 states represented.

Our SAVY students exclaim that learning at SAVY is challenging and fun. But, don’t take our word for it, listen to them. When they were asked how SAVY is different from their regular school experiences, they said…

“SAVY classes are more enjoyable.”
“It is easier to make friends at SAVY.”
“I learn new things at SAVY.”
“Learning is more enjoyable at SAVY.”
“I have to think on a deeper level at SAVY.”
“I want to come to SAVY.”

Programming student working on some code

What makes SAVY so special? SAVY allows students the opportunity to meet new friends who share their unique, advanced interests while also learning from content experts. Where else could students have the opportunity to visit their Vanderbilt instructor’s lab to learn about how physics is used in designing armor for the military? Or, when do seven year-olds get the chance to use the engineering process to design artificial organs? How many times have you seen a five year-old articulate a hypothesis and then design and conduct his/her own experiment? These are only a few examples of our students’ summer SAVY experiences. Check out the Summer SAVY blog posts for more details on our summer courses.

As PTY closes the books on another successful summer, a moment of sadness falls over our office. Then a staff member remarks, “Remember this summer when.” and the office is back a buzz, realizing that fall is almost here. So, while some might say, “Who would go to school in the summer?” Our Summer SAVY students say, “When do Fall SAVY Saturdays begin?”

  • Fall SAVY 2013 runs for six consecutive Saturdays starting September 28 and ending November 2 (from 9 AM to 11:45 AM).
  • Spring SAVY 2014 runs for six consecutive Saturdays starting February 8 to March 15 (from 9 AM to 11:45 AM).

Many classes are already full, so apply now to reserve your spot!

See you on campus soon!