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Summer SAVY 2013, Session 3 – Engineering 101, Afternoon Section (Day 5)

Posted by on Saturday, July 13, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Engineering 101 (Rising 2nd/3rd) – Day 5

We ended our first week learning about the respiratory and nervous systems! We first discussed the anatomy of the rest of the respiratory system and learned how oxygen is transferred from the air we breathe into our blood. We also discussed how the health of one’s lungs can affect the respiratory system’s ability to function; for instance, smoking makes the lungs stiffer and therefore less able to expand. We also discussed how the pathology of a punctured lung could be represented in our models from yesterday. We then completed an engineering challenge in pairs to solve the problem of treating asthma symptoms. The students generated incredibly creative solutions to this common health problem!

We next viewed several optical illusions and discussed how our brain interprets what our eyes see and how they communicate through electrical signals that travel through neurons. We also discussed how different parts of the brain control different senses and functions of our body. We compared our neurons to the giant squid’s giant axons and briefly talked about how myelin sheaths on our neurons’ axons insulate the electrical signal. We finished off the week with a quick game of True/False (did you know that the human skull is comprised of 22 bones fused together?!). Have a fantastic weekend and I cannot wait to see everyone on Monday!