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Summer SAVY 2013, Session 3 – Engineering 101, Afternoon Section (Day 4)

Posted by on Thursday, July 11, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Engineering 101 (Rising 2nd/3rd) – Day 4

Today was an exciting day! We were lucky enough to showcase our class to Channel 4 News while we learned about lungs! We first heard presentations from our groups that worked on solutions for an enlarged left ventricle and ventricular septal defect. I am very impressed by the students’ creativity and problem-solving skills; all four groups generated novel and interesting approaches to solving common circulatory complications. We then played our favorite True/False game and learned some new facts about engineering and the human body (did you know that humans can survive with only one lung?!). The students were given materials and challenged to inflate a balloon using only the materials (and not their mouths!). We have some very quick problem solvers in our class! After everyone had a chance to create or see a working system, we guessed what our model represented: the respiratory system. The balloon being inflated was our lungs, the bottle was our chest cavity, and the bottom balloon or plastic bag was our diaphragm. We discussed how air molecules move into the top balloon because of the pressure we are applying to the air molecules by confining their space. We reflected on our models in our lab notebooks and wrote down what we knew about the respiratory system so far. Tomorrow we will tackle an engineering problem about a disease of the respiratory model and learn about the nervous system!