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VSA Session II – “Home Town Tennessee”

Posted by on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in VSA Blog.

We have been asking students to send us samples of their work in class or notes about what they have been doing. Here is a submission by a student in “The Lyric,” our poetry class.

Home Town Tennessee

Living in a small town,

Everyone knows everything.

The world is so quiet.

You can hear the wind

Blowing through the trees.

Small town living in Tennessee.

There are many great things, in Tennessee.

A mountainous town

Full of snowy white trees.

There are opportunities for everything.

Be carried by the wind,

See the places not so quiet.

The street least quiet,

Broadway Street, Nashville, Tennessee.

You will be surprised by the change of wind.

A big bustling town,

The growing city for everything.

A space that’s replacing fallen trees.

There is one place with beautiful trees.

An area of peace and quiet,

Where you can study most everything.

Vanderbilt University, a great place in Tennessee.

It is its own little town,

Filled with different people carried by similar wind.

Let’s follow the wind,

To another small city with Magnolia trees.

A slow growing town,

Leaving the quiet

Becoming a loud place called Jackson, Tennessee.

An interstate city, full of everything.

And one final city that contains everything:

Many changes brought by the wind

The Mississippi River city, Memphis, Tennessee.

A city full of different trees,

A place where you are lucky to find quiet,

A city that will make you miss a small town.

I will always love listening to the rustle of trees.

In a place that is quiet,

Called Camden, Tennessee. My only home town.