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Summer SAVY 2013, Session 1: Engineering 101 (Day 4)

Posted by on Thursday, June 20, 2013 in SAVY blog.

Engineering 101 – Day 4

What a terrific Thursday!  Our morning started with a discussion of the engineering design cycle, solids and liquids.  Then students reviewed properties of flour, water, and salt.  This was followed by a mixing activity.  Each student was supplied with flour, salt, and water.  They measured different amounts of each of these materials and recorded their observations.  This activity allowed students to think about what combination of materials would improve our class made play dough.  Students used this information to individually design their own play dough recipe, which they will test out tomorrow.  We ended our class with a discussion of everyday inventions.  The students worked in pairs to determine the problem the invention fixed and how it could possibly be improved.

Our engineers are excited to share their experiences with you tomorrow at our open house!