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VSA Application Essay: A Year with Who?

Posted by on Monday, March 25, 2013 in VSA Blog.

When you apply to Vanderbilt Summer Academy, you have to answer a couple of essay questions. One is about why you want to take your first ranked course. For the other, you can select from three different options. The VSA team has a great time reading these essays, so we thought we’d write a few blog post that shared some of the best ones we have come across this year. We do not share students’ names, but we did get permission from the student to post this. Enjoy!

Question: If you could spend a year with any real or fictional person from the past or present, whom would you choose and why?

As a girl, I often times lay in bed and imagine what it would be like to be swept off my feet in the middle of the night by the man of my dreams, to hear the tap of rocks gently tossed at my window. I imagine what it would be like to slip out of bed and look down to see there, standing in all of his splendor, the Doctor! Yes, he and his TARDIS would rescue me from my boredom and take me on the adventure of a lifetime, to save the universe from the evil Daleks or the terrifying Cybermen! To spend not just one day, but a year, as the Doctor’s companion would be beyond my wildest dreams.

Of all the people I’ve read about in storybooks or heard in legend, I’d choose the Doctor to spend a year with in a heartbeat. Not only is he terribly handsome, but he’s also brilliant and funny! We’d travel all over time and space and meet aliens, both benevolent and dastardly. I’d see every notable event in history! I might push crates at the Boston Tea Party, ride aboard the Titanic, or maybe even see the end of the world. Best of all, I’d get to be a hero alongside the Doctor and save whole populations, then leave without a trace. With no hesitation at all, I’d choose the Doctor to spend a year with.